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How to Buy a Power Trowel

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Power Trowels for DIYers Table

Owning a power trowel is a great idea for DIYers.

It provides a smooth, even finish to concrete and masonry surfaces and can make DIY projects look professionally done.

Benefit Why it Matters
Saves Time and Energy Power trowels provide a high quality finish with less effort
Perfectly Even Finish Can make DIY projects look professionally done
Cost-Friendly Solution A fraction of the cost of hiring a professional
Versatility & Options Variety of sizes available to fit different needs

Defining the Power Trowel

A power trowel is a tool used for smoothing and flattening concrete on a construction site.

It is a specialized motorized machine that uses blades attached to a rotating shaft to make a final touch on the freshly-poured concrete.

It has the ability to cover a large area quickly to help speed up the finishing process.

Power trowels are available in a variety of sizes, with smaller machines for do-it-yourselfers and larger ones for commercial projects.

They’re also available for use in either wet or dry concrete, depending on the job’s needs.

Power trowels are a time-saving and cost-efficient way to make sure a concrete job is done right.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you understand the benefits of owning a power trowel.

Not only can they help you with your home DIY projects, but they can save you time and money as well.

With a power trowel, you can be sure you’re doing the job right the first time.

And with their unique blades, they can help you spread the mortar evenly and quickly.

If you’re looking to get the job done quickly and properly, a power trowel is the right tool for the job.

They’re an essential part of any home DIY toolkit.

What Sets Power Trowels Apart


Power trowels offer a number of advantages.

They are faster than traditional manual trowels, meaning you can get jobs done in no time.

Power trowels also provide an even finish when compared to manual trowels.

This is because they can rotate quickly, helping you to achieve a seamless finish.

Furthermore, power trowels are easy to use, thanks to their simple design.

Finally, they have adjustable handles, making them accessible to users of different heights.

In turn, these advantages make power trowels ideal for any project.

How Power Trowels Work

Power trowels are used to create a level, smooth finish when constructing slabs of concrete.

The trowel itself has a standard “blade” that rotates and is commonly powered by gasoline or electricity.

To use a power trowel, simply turn it on and guide the machine across the concrete surface in a gentle circular motion.

The blade will rotate, pressing down any large bumps and smoothing out any rough patches.

The blade may also be float-adjusted according to the desired surface finish.

After the concrete is smoothed out, a separate trowel is used to compact the surface.

With a power trowel, this process can be accomplished much quicker and with more even results than with manual trowels.

Features to Look For

When shopping for a power trowel, there are a few features that you should look for.

You’ll want one that has adjustable speeds, so you can achieve the right results.

Look for one with a dust control system and vibration control, which makes it easier for the operator to use.

Look for a trowel that is lightweight and durable, and that has the ability to level and finish concrete floors.

Another feature to look for is a handle that can allow for easy maneuverability.

Finally, try to find a trowel that comes with a warranty or a guarantee, for added peace of mind.

When to Use a Power Trowel

Common Applications

A power trowel is a great tool for smoothing and finishing concrete surfaces.

It’s often used to finish off concrete floors on jobs like driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways, and garages.

It’s also an ideal tool for smoothing and finishing large areas, like gymnasiums, mechanical bays, or parking ramps.

Power trowels are even used to create seamless finish on interior surfaces, like walls or ceilings.

In any instance, where a flat and durable surface is needed quickly, a power trowel will be the right tool.

Power Trowels In Your Workshop

Power trowels are a great investment for any home workshop.

They can be used as a substitute for more traditional tools like brushes and scrapers.

Also, they can be used to quickly and efficiently smoothen the surface of a cement or concrete wall or floor.

Plus, they’re much easier to use than heavier, more awkward tools.

And because they’re motorized, you can get the job done even faster.

So if you’re looking for a tool that’s lightweight, easy to use, and effective, a power trowel is a great choice for your home workshop.

Techniques and Tips

Using a power trowel may seem intimidating, but with a few simple techniques and tips, you’re sure to be a pro in no time! To start, make sure to move the trowel slowly and steadily across the surface for an even result.

It’s important to keep the blade flat against the surface to create a consistent finish.

Also, don’t forget to overlap the trowel passes, as this creates a smoother surface.

Additionally, be sure to follow any manufacturer’s instructions.

Knowing the right settings for your specific trowel will help you get optimum results.

Lastly, start troweling from the most visible part of the surface and work your way outward for the best results.

Following these tips will help you make the most of your power trowel!

What To Look For In A Power Trowel

Power Trowel Options

Power trowels are a great tool for any job site.

They come in a variety of sizes and can be used to level concrete, smooth cement, or even polish floors.

You’ll want to consider the type of job you are doing before deciding which power trowel will work best.

For larger jobs, a floating trowel machine can cover more area and do it quickly.

For more detailed work, hand-held trowels may be the better option.

You may also find power trowels with various attachments to help make your job easier.

Knowing your project and having the right tool will make a big difference in the success of your job.

Choosing the Right Power Trowel

When looking for the right power trowel, it is important to consider a few things.

Think about the size of the area you need to cover.

A larger space will require a larger power trowel, while a smaller area can use a machine that is smaller in size.

You will also need to decide what material you will be working with.

Some power trowels are better suited for concrete, while other might be better for polishing stone or tile.

Choose the right blade size for the surface you will be working on.

A smaller blade is better for more delicate surfaces, while a larger blade can cover larger surfaces faster.

Lastly, think about the weight of the machine.

The heavier the trowel, the harder it is to operate.

Make sure you pick one that is easy to handle.

Your power trowel needs to be up to the task.

Brand Reliability

When shopping for a power trowel, it is important to look for reliable brands.

Wacker is well-known for producing quality power trowels that can stand up to tough jobs.

Allen Engineering is another good choice for those who seek sturdy and reliable power trowels.

Other reputable brands include MBW, Bartell, and Wacker Neuson.

Each of these companies has a long-standing history of providing durable, high-performance power trowels that can last a lifetime.

No matter which brand you choose, make sure it offers quality and reliability to get the job done.

Safety Measures and Precautions


Power trowels can sometimes experience problems during use.

One of the more common issues is the engine oil leaking onto the work surface.

This can be fixed by topping up the oil levels, making sure to use the correct grade of oil.

Another common problem is a weak engine.

This can be solved by ensuring that the battery is always fully charged.

If the machine is still not working properly, then it may be necessary to check the spark plugs and the air filter.

If the spark plugs are clogged or the air filter is dirty, then both should be replaced.

Lastly, if the machine is not rotating properly, then replacing the belt tension might be necessary.

Following these recommendations can help solve the common problems associated with power trowels.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Regular maintenance and upkeep of a power trowel is key for optimal safety.

After each use, the machine should be cleaned and inspected to ensure everything is functioning properly.

Blades should be checked for wear and damage, as any missing or broken parts can put the machine at risk of malfunctioning.

Replacement blades, if needed, should only be provided by the manufacturer.

The belt drive should be kept lubricated and free from debris.

If any of these steps are skipped, the power trowel could create hazardous situations.

Staying Safe

Safety is an important part of using a power trowel.

Wear protective clothing like long pants, a long sleeve shirt, steel-toed boots, and gloves to protect your arms and legs.

When working around the power trowel, keep your feet away from the blades to avoid getting hurt.

Stay alert at all times and look out for moving blades.

Don’t allow anyone near the power trowel while you’re using it, especially children.

Replace any worn or dull blades immediately.

Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Lastly, before you start using the power trowel, test it to make sure it is in good working order.


Buying Your Power Trowel

Purchasing a power trowel is an important decision for many do-it-yourselfers.

Consider the size of the area that you are going to be working in before buying.

A smaller area requires a smaller trowel and a larger area needs a bigger trowel.

Research the types of trowel blades available and make sure you choose the type and material that best fits your job.

Think about the power source you will use to run the trowel and equip yourself with the proper tools.

Cost is also an important element in making your decision- set a budget and stick to it.

Finally, if in doubt, be sure to consult an expert before making your final purchase.

With some thought and careful consideration you can have the right power trowel for your needs.

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