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How to Buy Wood Dowels

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Wood Dowels for DIYers Table

Wood Dowelss for DIYers Table

Benefit Wood Dowels
Strength Durable
Cost Affordable
Versatility Great for repairs, ornamentation, decoration, and building projects
Variety Wide selection of types and sizes
Availability Easily found in hardware stores or online

Every home DIYer can benefit from owning a wood dowel.

They are strong and durable, yet affordable.

Also, wood dowels come in a variety of dimensions and types, so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

And if you need to restock, you can easily find them at any hardware store or online.

Defining the Wood Dowel

A wood dowel is a simple cylindrical rod of wood used in many craft projects.

It is round and thick, and can be made from different types of wood.

It is often used for woodworking, such as carpentry or decorating, as well as in jewelry or other arts and crafts projects.

It can also be used in furniture-making and wall fixtures.

Wood dowels can be purchased in different sizes and shapes, which makes them great for many different uses.

Wood dowels can also be painted or stained, or can be unfinished so they can fit in with the decor of the project they will be used in.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you understand how to use wood dowels to create beautiful DIY projects.

Dowels are an important tool for any woodworking project, and they come in a variety of thicknesses to match the needs of your project.

We’ll teach you the best techniques for measuring, cutting and joining dowels for a perfect end result.

We’ll also help you select the right wood and the best glue for the job.

With this information, you’ll be able to create sturdy, well-made projects with wood dowels that you can show off with pride.

What Sets Wood Dowels Apart


Wood dowels have multiple advantages that make them the perfect choice for your project.

Firstly, since wood dowels are made of wood, they are naturally strong and won’t crack, bend, or break.

Another great benefit is their versatility.

Wood dowels can be combined with other materials to create a wide range of projects, from walls to furniture.

In addition, wood dowels are easy to work with; they can be shaped, cut, and customized to fit your specific needs.

Finally, wood dowels are cost effective; they provide a good value for the price of the material.

All of these advantages make wood dowels the perfect choice for any project.

How Wood Dowels Work

Wood dowels are a great choice for those looking to create support or add decorative touches to a project.

Dowel rods are versatile and easy to use.

They can act as supports for furniture frames, as well as act as a affordable alternative to more expensive construction materials.

To use a wooden dowel, it is as easy as inserting the dowel into a pre-drilled hole.

The hole should be slightly larger than the dowel to ensure a sturdy fit.

The dowel can be secured with glue, nails, and other fasteners if needed.

Some dowels come with pre-drilled holes, which saves time when assembling furniture.

Wooden dowels can also be used for decorative purposes.

Dowel rods can be stained or painted for added visual interest.

They can also be cut down to size and used in decorative trim around furniture, cabinets, and other household items.

Wood dowels are strong and durable, making them a reliable choice for projects big and small.

Features to Look For

When shopping for wood dowels, be sure to consider their size, shape, color, strength, and material.

Size matters, especially when you are trying to fit the dowel into a particular space.

Make sure you choose the right length and diameter for the job.

Shape and color should be chosen based on what you want the dowel to look like.

Strength is important when the dowel goes in items that will have to hold weight or be moved around.

The material is the most important factor, as it affects the stability and durability of the dowel.

Think about types of wood, treated wood, or plastic options.

Consider your needs and choose the best wood dowel for your project.

When to Use a Wood Dowels

Common Applications

Wood dowels are often used in DIY projects, furniture construction, and craft projects.

They can be used to add extra stability when connecting two pieces of wood together.

Dowels can be used to construct frames, tables, chairs, and other furniture.

Dowels are also used in the construction of cabinets, shelving, and display cases.

You can also use them to construct raised beds and planter boxes in a garden.

In addition, craft projects such as birds, dolls, and decorations often require dowels.

Finally, dowels can be used to hang curtains, draperies, and other items in a home.

Wood Dowels In Your Workshop

Wood dowels can come in handy in the workshop.

Use them in lieu of a knife or saw for sawing a groove into a piece of wood.

They can also be used as a substitute for a hammer when chiseling small items or making a hole in the wall.

Dowels come in a variety of sizes, so they can be perfect for any job in the workshop.

Dowels are also great for joining two pieces of wood together, and they can easily be used in conjunction with other tools, like a screwdriver or a drill bit.

Use wood dowels to complete those tricky projects in the workshop and make any job easier.

Techniques and Tips

Wood dowels can be used for a variety of different purposes like jointing, filling gaps, and replacing dowels.

For a better and tighter fit, you want to make sure your dowel is the correct size.

If it is too large, it won’t fit and if it’s too small, it won’t join tightly enough.

Make sure to measure twice and confirm the correct size for the job.

You also want to choose the right kind of dowel for your project.

To assemble the dowel, use wood glue for a stronger hold and reinforce the dowel with wood screws if necessary.

When drilling pilot holes into the dowel, use a smaller drill bit before using the full size for a more secure fit.

If you’re filling a gap with the dowel, you want to slightly round the edges to make a better fit.

Lastly, make sure to apply a sealant after your project is complete to ensure the wood dowel is protected and lasts longer.

What To Look For In Wood Dowels

Wood Dowels Options

There are lots of options when it comes to wood dowels.

Most people like round, plain dowels.

But you can also choose from dowel pins, dowel rods or square dowels.

It depends on the project you’re working on.

Dowel pins are thin and small and handy for small projects.

Dowel rods are thicker and great for more complex projects.

Square dowels can help make corners look neat and professional.

Each kind of dowel has its own unique properties, so you can always experiment or read up on them.

If you’re still feeling a bit lost, don’t worry! Specialized woodworkers will be able to help you find the right dowel.

Choosing the Right Wood Dowels

When purchasing wood dowels, there are a few key elements to consider.

First, consider the type of wood you need for your project.

Softwoods, like pine and cedar, are more affordable and better suited for delicate projects, while hardwoods like maple or oak are more durable and better suited for heavy duty projects.

Next, you should consider the length and diameter of the dowel; the best size will depend on the width of the hole you need to fill and the type of project you are working on.

Lastly, you should also decide on the finish of the dowel.

Some come unfinished, while others come pre-treated with a wood stain, wax, or lacquer.

With a little research and careful consideration of your project needs, you can choose the right dowel for the job.

Brand Reliability

If you’re looking for strong and reliable wood dowels, there are several brands to choose from.

For example, Rockler offers wood dowels made from birch and hard maple.

Their dowels are highly durable and won’t chip or splinter easily.

Vigoro also has quality dowels made from durable fiberglass that can handle everyday use.

Another highly dependable brand is Ohio Dowel which makes dowels perfect for joinery pieces.

And lastly, Simpson Dowel makes dowels from oak, walnut, and cherry woods which are reliable and perfect for cabinet construction projects.

In any case, all these brands offer quality and dependability when it comes to wood dowels.

Safety Measures and Precautions


If you’re having trouble with wood dowels, you’re likely dealing with splintering, cracking, or splitting.

To prevent these issues, be sure to purchase wood dowels that have been properly treated and dried.

If your wood dowel does start to splinter, you can sand away the rough edges.

For cracking and splitting, moisture can often cause such issues.

Allow your dowel to sit in a cool and dry place for a few days to dry out and then sand away any rough edges.

If these tips don’t work, it may be safest to discard your wood dowel and purchase a new one.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Wood dowels require some simple upkeep in order to remain in top condition.

Before and during each use, make sure to check the dowel for any splinters, cracks, or chips.

If you notice any of these issues, discard and replace the dowel before use.

Regularly inspecting the dowel is the best way to ensure that your project is completed with the best ingredients.

Additionally, each week give the dowel a thorough cleaning with a soft cloth or brush.

This will remove any dust or dirt that might remain, and ensure that no unwanted particles remain trapped in or around the dowel.

If drying is necessary after wet use, be sure to lay the dowel on a flat surface to maintain the shape and smooth finish.

Taking these simple steps will ensure that your wood dowel continues to look and work its best.

Staying Safe

Safety should always be a priority when working with wood dowels.

Always check for potential splinters or other sharp edges and use caution when placing your hands near them.

Wear safety glasses when drilling or sawing dowels and take breaks if your hands become tired or sore.

When drilling, use the correct size drill and always hold the dowel properly with a clamp and both hands.

Lastly, be sure to turn off the saw and remove any remaining sawdust as soon as possible.

Keep these safety measures in mind when working with wood dowels and you’ll be sure to have a safe and successful project.


Buying Your Wood Dowels

When it comes to buying a wood dowel, there are several factors to consider.

First, decide the size and length of dowel you need for the project.

Dowels come in all sorts of lengths and diameters, so be sure to get what you need.

Second, figure out the material you need.

Popular choices for wood dowels include split, carved, and composite wood.

Third, keep an eye on cost.

The price of the dowels can vary based on the size and material, so shop around for a good deal.

Finally, consider the number of dowels you need.

Depending on your project, you may need to buy multiple dowels to get the job done.

No matter what, when buying wood dowels, plan ahead and be sure to get the right supplies at the right price.

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